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Construction Law: Construction Contracts And Conflicts

Most of construction law involves negotiating and drafting construction contracts and resolving construction disputes that arise. Our Amarillo construction lawyers at McCarn, Weir, & Sherwood Attorneys at Law are skilled negotiators and litigators. Whether you need a contract drafted or reviewed and revisions negotiated, or a dispute has escalated and needs a resolution, our construction attorneys have the experience to help you achieve your legal goals in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Negotiating And Drafting A Construction Contract

Any construction project, no matter how large or small will require numerous construction contracts. After all, any construction project often requires multiple teams of specialists and suppliers working together to complete a single project. With developers, contractors, project managers and suppliers there are a lot of specialty contracts. Our construction contract attorneys can help with:

  • Fixed-price contracts
  • Cost-plus contracts
  • Design-build contracts
  • Time and materials contracts

Our lawyers will make sure that the correct parties are included in the contract, the scope of the work is defined, the payment obligations are clear, the decision-making authority is defined and any necessary insurance information is included.

Navigating Construction Disputes And Litigation

Any contract attorney will tell you that the art of drafting a good contract lies in both protecting your company’s rights and interests but also anticipating and planning for potential problems in advance. However, it is nearly impossible to anticipate everything that could possibly go wrong on a construction project and conflicts often still arise. When they do, our litigators have over 120 years of combined experience with negotiating settlements and courtroom experience between them

Misunderstandings, blatant violations of the terms of the contract, changes in the scope of the work and problems with timely payments could all lead to potential conflicts with a construction contract. Our experienced litigators can anticipate challenges and negotiate resolutions, providing you with high-quality legal services in a cost-efficient manner.

Well-Rounded Experience For Construction Projects

Our attorneys have extensive experience with banking, finance and real estate law, all of which overlap frequently with construction law. In addition, our firm’s legal staff includes multiple board-certified oil and gas attorneys. If your project involves regulatory and compliance challenges, our specialty lawyers will be mindful of the big picture throughout your project. Finally, our lawyers have also practiced on both sides of personal injury law. If any job site injuries arise on your project, our lawyers can offer counsel and advice.

Consult A Construction Law Attorney

To schedule a consultation with one of our construction law attorneys, you can contact our office by calling 806-223-0960 or feel free to reach out through our firm’s contact form.