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Exploration And Development Of Minerals And Natural Resources

When it comes to the exploration and development of natural resources, time and money are invaluable and finite resources. At McCarn, Weir, & Sherwood Attorneys at Law, our board-certified oil, gas and mineral lawyers assist corporations as they navigate development procedures and secure the necessary permits and licensing for oil and gas development. With our guidance and assistance, production can begin in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our lawyers have 120 years of combined experience. From our office in Amarillo, they provide guidance and advice to oil and gas developers throughout Texas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, California and New Mexico.

Efficient Assistance For Oil And Gas Development

The oil and gas industry is highly regulated. Each state has its own government agency that regulates the production of oil and gas. For example, in Texas, the Texas Railroad Commission regulates oil and gas development and production throughout the state. There are also federal regulations and laws that must be followed. Our oil and gas lawyers help facilitate the following for development and production corporations:

  • Securing the land rights, lease agreements and necessary surface use agreements
  • Conducting due diligence and title searches to make sure real estate rights are secure and protected
  • Facilitating any necessary inspections by state and federal regulatory agencies
  • Applying for any necessary permits and permissions
  • Managing conflicts, negotiating disagreements and resulting litigation

Our oil and gas development lawyers have a familiarity and understanding of the local laws regarding the exploration and development of natural resources for each state in which they provide legal services for oil and gas rights and development. They are also familiar with federal requirements. By retaining our board-certified oil, gas and mineral lawyers, you can ensure that all of the necessary permits and applications will be submitted in a timely and efficient manner.

Consult An Oil And Gas Development Lawyer Today

Our oil and gas development lawyers are available for consultation appointments. To schedule an initial consultation appointment, contact us through our website or call our Amarillo office at 806-223-0960.